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We are Bimos

Bimos is the leading manufacturer of top-quality industrial       The ergonomic requirements of work chairs in industrial
and laboratory chairs in Europe. For over 50 years, the           companies and laboratories are fundamentally different to
specialist knowledge, technical expertise and passion that go     those in other sectors. We therefore apply our own ergonomic
into our chairs have ensured that staff are productive,           concepts specifically designed for industrial companies and
healthy and comfortable in any workplace. No other brand          laboratories. Good design is an expression of a modern work-
has our level of knowledge on the topic of seating and its        ing environment and a sign of respect and motivation for em-
practical requirements. We understand our customers‘              ployees. This is why we think of technology and design as an
requirements. Bimos combines competent consulting with            all-in-one solution. We are also convinced that good products
uncompromising reliability. We are driven by consistent           are only truly good if they have been produced in a positive
thinking about solutions. This makes us the leader in innova-     way. We have therefore made it our mission to handle every
tive chairs for industrial companies and laboratories. By         kind of resource, from ecological to social and economic ones,
maintaining close contact with daily users and ergonomic          with extreme care.
developments, we are able to quickly develop products that
are tailored to meet customers‘ requirements. Thanks to our       Bimos stands for passion, thinking in terms of solutions
extensive product portfolio and flexible options, we are able to
produce optimal products at the best possible price.              and life.

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